Wedding Shower

Showering the Couple with Love...

The Inn on Water Street is the intimate spot to host your bridal shower with your family and friends. With our modern farmhouse decor filling a cozy room that includes an open fireplace and a full bar, the Inn can accommodate whatever your needs may be.

Customize and create a memorable experience:

  • Customizable menu
  • Require a minimum of 25 guests
  • Full-service bar in room
  • Deposit price
  • Decorations allowed
  • Space rental time

Wedding Shower FAQ

Rental Time

Rental time for available space is 4 hours.

Menu & Catering

Customizable menu and catering is available from offsite specified caterers. Plated or family-style and buffet choices are based on the caterer. Outside cakes are allowed.


Decorations are allowed. However, we ask nothing be attached to the wall or any glitter/sparkles.

Deposit & Pricing

There is a $200 deposit price to hold event space. Payment for a Bartender can be included in the price, but is negotiable.

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